Intuitive & Mindful Eating Promotes Balance, Choice, Wisdom and Acceptance.


Intuitive & Mindful Eating Group

The next Mindful Eating Group dates will be posted soon. 

If you are interested in joining the group and would like to be notified when dates/times are determined, please fill-out and submit the form below. 

**Participants in group programs should not currently be in active stages of eating disorders.  Consultations are welcome if you'd like to find out whether you would be a good candidate for the programs. 

“There is considerable evidence that intuitive eating skills can be learned, and that intuitive eating is positively associated with improved nutrient intake, reduced eating disorder symptoms - but NOT with weight gain.” (Bacon and Aphramor, 2011)

Intuitive & Mindful Eating Group (6 week program)

You can benefit from this group program if you:

  • Have tried many different diets only to feel defeated every time
  • Are not even sure when you are hungry or full anymore and would like to learn how to reconnect with your body
  • Are tired of the cycles of yo-yo dieting, binge eating, emotional eating, stress eating
  • Want to find other healthy coping skills to better manage stress and negative emotions
  • Want to stop the obsession and worries about food and bring back the joy of eating
  • Want to understand what "normal eating" means and start practicing it
  • Want to stop obsessing over exercise (or lack thereof) and start enjoying movement that feels good
  • Want to learn how to shift your mindset from a shame/guilt/hate approach to a self-compassion/love/respect approach to truly take care of your mind and body
  • Are ready to finally let go of the behaviors and beliefs that have failed you and instead try something different by working with your body (not against it!)

It is strongly recommended that participants go through the Body Image Group first before taking part in the Intuitive & Mindful Eating Group.  However, exceptions may be made depending on readiness of individuals.  Please consult with us through the form below. 


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