Seattle Dietitian

Are you in the Seattle area and are interested in in-person nutrition counseling?  My office is conveniently located in the heart of Wallingford in the Wallingford Workspace Building across the street from Domino's Pizza.

2319 N 45th St. Suite #107
Seattle, WA 98103



Free street parking is usually not hard to find, but make sure to double-check the signs as some restrictions may apply in the residential areas depending on the time of day.

When you arrive:

  • Enter on Sunnyside Avenue – between N. 45th St. and N. 44th St.
  • Take the outside steps up to the courtyard
  • Please wait in the waiting room through the glass door on your left

I am currently accepting new clients and appointments are available for Fridays

I am also available for on-line nutrition coaching wherever you may be!  Contact me for details!