What if You Could Stop Hating Your Body & Start Healing Your Relationship With Food?

Working with Mya allowed me to harness things that I always had inside of me, but needed assistance and assurance to have confidence in. She listened well, guided gently but wisely, and truly restored a sense of peace about food in someone who thought it would always be a battlefield. Trust her and stick with it, she knows what she’s doing!
— former client, Bailey H.

How is your relationship with food?

  • I've been struggling with an eating disorder or am afraid I might be developing one.

  • I often feel extremely guilty after eating a "bad food" to a point where it can ruin my day.

  • I constantly check my body and feel obsessed about losing weight or maintaining weight.

  • I've been on eating binges where I felt out of control and could not stop.

  • I've pretty much been on every weight-loss diet out there only to have failed every single time.

  • When I'm having difficult emotions or feel stressed, I'll immerse myself in a pint of ice cream(or some other food) only to feel worse later.

  • I'm constantly counting calories (how much I eat, how much I burn) or planning my whole day around what/how to eat, but am so exhausted and wish I didn't have to.

  • I'm confused about all the conflicting messages regarding nutrition, weight and all kinds of different diets. What information can I trust?

  • I'm just really tired of battling with food and with my body and wish I could be free from food and body worries that seem to control my life!

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, you are NOT alone. 

No matter what form the food or body struggle may take, there is ALWAYS one common "symptom" I find in everyone and anyone who suffers with food and/or body issues: The mind-body connection is LOST. 

I say it's "lost," because I can assure you it was once there.  You, as a human being were innately born with the ability to know when and how much to eat in order to adequately nourish yourself.  As a baby, you didn't stress-eat or binge eat or go on diets and hate your body.  However, somewhere along the line, a LOT of other factors in life (i.e. relationships, emotions, traumatic events, stress, etc.) started to come into play and may have severed that connection leaving your relationship with food one chaotic mess! 

On top of that, there is so much conflicting information about nutrition, there's societal pressure about being "perfectly healthy" and/or achieve that "perfect body."

No wonder so many of of us have lost the confidence in what and how to eat. However, one thing for sure is that it is NOT your fault and that it does NOT have to stay that way.  

For a moment, can you imagine...

How would it feel to finally stop obsessing about food, and actually start enjoying it?

What if you could not only stop hating your body, but even start trusting it and be able to nourish and take care of it?

Sound impossible? But it's not. 

It is possible to find peace in your relationship with food and learn how to nourish and take care of your body without feeling controlled by it. 

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I used to feel helpless because I ALWAYS felt out of control and couldn’t trust my body. As I learned to reconnect to my body and its needs while working with Mya, I could feel how good taking care of my body actually feels, which motivated me to continue to listen to my body. Now, instead of feeling helpless and out of control, I feel empowered.
— Former client J.S.

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Mind body dietitian Seattle

Hi there! I'm so glad you're here! I'm Mya("Mee-ya"), a Registered Dietitian based in Seattle.  You might hear "dietitian" and think, "Oh, you tell people what's healthy or not and tell them what to eat, right?" 

But actually, I am NOT that kind of a dietitian.  I specialize in helping people who struggle with food/eating/weight/body image issues that may be keeping them from enjoying a healthy and happy relationship with food and their bodies. 

Because I know that every one of my client's story is different and every one of their bodies are unique, I will never treat you "just like every other client."   


There is no such thing as the "best diet" out there, because everyone's body is different, and even our own bodies needs tend to change depending on many factors (think about stress, sleep, emotions, genetics, disease, medications, mood, relationships, you name it!)  that are not always within our own control!   That's why having one strict meal plan irregardless of life's ever-changing factors is doomed to fail, because it is so unrealistic, unsustainable, and unenjoyable!  I can help you cultivate a deeper understanding of your food/body/weight struggles and guide you through the process of reconnecting with your body and listening to your body's changing needs.  Through this process, you will be able to approach health and nutrition from a place of self-compassion instead of self-hate and actually start taking care of it instead of fighting it. 

To learn more about me and I could help you, click below.  There are many ways to stay connected with me via: social media, by subscribing to my Food & Body Peace Newsletter and of course you could always reach out to me through good ol' email.  I look forward to hearing from you!